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We spent six days in Walt Disney World after Thanksgiving. We stayed on the concierge level of the Wilderness Lodge which was totally worth it. They have a snack area where you find plenty of food and drink to get you through the day. We would have one meal in the parks and the rest at the snack area.

Our room was awesome: we could see Cinderella's castle from our balcony, which meant we had a great view of the nightly fireworks. The trip to the Magic Kingdom by boat was very quick. We took buses to the other parks.

Tina's family met us there and we toured the parks together. Xander's favorite rides were the Buzz Lightyear ride and the Star Wars ride (at Disney Studios). Duncan's favorite was It's a Small World. Another highlight of the trip was meeting all our favorite characters like the Power Rangers, the Incredibles, Buzz Lightyear, and Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable (not to mention Mickey, Pluto, and friends).

Xander is excited!

Duncan not so much...

Boat ride to Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Castle

On the People Mover

Rainy day at EPCOT

Lunch with Mickey

The boat horns were loud

Cinderella's Carousel

All the boys

Walking through Animal Kingdom

Striking resemblance

Psychedelic EPCOT sidewalk


Dash is reunited with Elastigirl

Buzz is cool

Cool enough for two pictures!

Kim Possible is Duncan's girlfriend

Studios character lunch with Leo

...and Goliath

...and June

Singing the Little Einstein theme song

Very tired

I'm doing LAUNDRY!

Totem pole in the resort

Fireworks from our room

See the castle under the flares?

The whole crew on the bus

The Buzz Lightyear ride was a common favorite

Duncan's favorite was It's a small world


Duncan is nonchalantly pooping here

Riding the train

The girls went to tea

The heated pool was a favorite hangout

Bheesh's hotel girlfriend, Gerianne