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We took a trip to Montana at the end of July to visit Grandma and Grandpa in their new house. Tina and the boys went a few days early, then Bheeshmar joined them for a week. Aunt Tracy, Uncle Michael, and cousins Daniel and Andrew came, too, and our trips overlapped for three days.

Grandma and Grandpa kep the boys very entertained. We went to the Yellowstone River and threw rocks, saw a neighbor's animals including a baby alpaca. Grandpa bought a go-kart to ride around in (which was as much fun for the adults as for the kids). Grandpa also showed the original Star Wars trilogy to the boys, and they spent much of the trip playing lightsabers with whatever they could find (usually legos).

We also celebrated Grandma's birthday while we were there.

Watching movies in the airplane

Throwing rocks into the Yellowstone

Newborn alpaca

Grandma fills the pool

Petting cats

Xander in the kart

Duncan in the kart

Swimming with Cain and Grandpa

Duncan at the park

Xander climbing the rockwall at the park

Carrots from Grandma's garden

The boys loved Grandma's garden

My mom says I'm a good kisser

Grandpa shows Xander how to hold a bow

Duncan tries, too

Daddy cooks breakfast tacos

Daddy rides the kart

Uncle Michael and Cousin Daniel find carrots

Four cousins in a tub

Grandpa reads bedtime stories

Aunt Tracy helps the boys make cards for Grandma

Family fun at the river

Happy birthday to Grandma