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Wow, 8 months. So much has changed! Duncan is bathing in the big tub with his brother now. Xander loves that. Duncan is really crawling now, going where he pleases. He even started to pull up, so we had to lower his crib! He's still super-cute, though!

Xander is doing great. He's riding a tricycle and wants to wear underwear, but he's still not really potty trained.

According to an allergist, Xander's milk allergy should be met with zero tolerance for milk. We cleared our pantry of Goldfish crackers and a bunch of other stuff. It's really incredible how many products contain milk. A figure I read said that 2.5% of kids get this milk allergy and 80% of cases disappear by age 4. I hope that's true for us.

Yummy, piano!

Poison pantry


Brothers bathing

Big boy!

Babies everywhere

On the new quilt

Lookit my buns!

Big eyes!

This is my dancing dress

Pulling up

All the way

I'm helping

8 months

No, lookit my buns!

Look at the camera

Lowered crib

Monkey toes!