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Duncan Ram Redheendran was born on December 29, 2003!

This is a major update since we haven't updated the web site since Halloween. We had Thanksgiving and Christmas in the meantime and even bigger events.

Bheeshmar and Xander got sick over Christmas with what we assume is the flu. Tina followed shortly thereafter. She started having contractions on the morning of the 29th of December. The doctor said she was extremely dehydrated and admitted her to the hospital to give her an IV to restore her fluids, which they hoped would stop the labor. It didn't work, and at 7:30 pm Duncan was born by C-section. He was 3 weeks early, but in great shape.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Rack of Lamb

O Tannenbaum

Pretty lights

Cousin Daniel

Daniel and Xander

Camera friendly

Xander helps out

Xander with Peepaw and Grandma

Mark with grandsons

Tickle, tickle, tickle!

Messerschmitt clan

Xander's Spielhaus

Bathing cousins

Bath time

Christmas morning

The Aftermath

Duncan, t=0 (warning: graphic)

Where am I?

Daddy and Duncan

6 lbs 1 oz

Head diameter

18 3/4" long

Hearing test


Dressed to go home

Say cheese!

Momma with Duncan

Momma with her sons

Grandma bathes Duncan

Big brother is watching


Xander the builder

Playset in progress

Slide works!

Xander, 21 months




Playset done!

Duncan's first bath

Daddy soaps him up

Duncan checks out the toys

Smiling Duncan