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Pregnancy update:Tina is 10 weeks along and feeling very tired. Her next appointment is on July 1st.

Alexander is 15 months old now. What a big boy!

Here are some videos of him: In the rain and Bedtime reading

We went to visit Tracy and Michael and Daniel Bruce in April. Alexander enjoyed meeting his cousin. Later that month, Anjamma and Ranjamma came down for David Bills wedding. In May, Alexander went for swimming lessons, which involved clinging tightly to Momma while in the water. He enjoys playing in the sprinkler, though.

In early June we went to the Austin Zoo, and Alexander enjoyed feeding the animals at the petting zoo. All in all, he's been a happy baby.

On the plane!


Whats wrong?


Daniel Bruce

Tracy and Daniel

At the park



No, not kitty

Thanks, Aunt Tracy

I'm a baby!

Facing forward!

I'm a big boy

Egg Hunt

Dye the eggs

Uncle Tommy

Ranjamma and Rohit

The gang

Whats that smell?

Swimming lessons

New pool


Momma and baby

Cleaning the deck

Feeding the horse

Greedy goats

Here, piggy


Mmm snowcone

Pvt Buckethead

He ate that wing

Wagon ride

He pulled that boy

15 months

Big boy!