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January 4, 2003

From now on, this will be an archive page. New pictures will be posted on the main page.

December 8, 2002

Thanksgiving has passed as well as Alexander's 8 month birthday. Tina's parents joined us for leg of lamb for Thanksgiving. Alexander crawls very easily now on all fours. He's very curious and getting into everything. He's pulling up to standing all the time and starting to walk with the assistance of his toy walker.

Crawling upstairs!

Serious mailman

Playing with pots

Tiny E!

8 months




Family portrait


Mmm. Leg of lamb.

Hello?! I'm awake!

November 6, 2002

Alexander enjoyed his first Halloween and got his momma and daddy lots of candy. His latest trick is pulling himself up to standing. He never wants to sit still now, he crawls all over the house getting into all sorts of mischief.

Doc Oc, MJ, and Spidey

Carving a pumpkin

It looks like daddy!

7 months

Hi, grandma!

Under the exersaucer


Halloween outfit


Trick or treat!

Baby buns!


October 21, 2002

Here's another video (5.2 MB WMV) of a very mobile little boy.

October 12, 2002

Alexander is crawling all over the place now. Here's a video (2.3MB WMV). He still hasn't figured out how to use his hands and knees, but he gets around pretty well crawling like an army man.

He eats a few jars of baby food each day and several bottles of formula. He's discovered that objects continue to exist even if he can't see them anymore (which is leading to all sorts of mischief). He's found that the cats are good playmates.

At the pool

Chilling with Anjamma

5 months

Dressed up


Big boy stroller

Baby jail!

Playing on the deck

6 months


Bath time


Playing with Ben Kugler

August 11, 2002

More delays. Yes, I'm lame.

Much has happened. Alexander had his first rice cereal, and now has cereal regularly at breakfast and dinner. He's kicking and grabbing (everything must go into his mouth). We went to a neighbors 4th of July party and had a nice time. Alexander took his first plane trip to go see Tina's parents in Montana. Anjamma visited again (but we'll have to wait on pictures of that).

At four months Alexander was 15.5 pounds and 25 inches long. He starts registered home-care tomorrow, where he'll be cared for by a nice lady who is registered with the state to watch up to four kids. The current group is three girls between 2 and 8 months. Surrounded by the ladies!

Tina returns to work next week.




Little "Mung Bean"

Daddy's boy


Nap time

Walk time!

First cereal

3 months

Picnic 7/4


Fire! Fire!

On the plane



Compare hands to ultrasound

Nice view!

Momma's side

4 months

May 31, 2002

Sorry for the delay. It's hard to get a block of time together to sort through the pictures! But we've done it and chosen some to update you on the progress Alex has made in the last two months.

We're using 800x600 pictures now, which aren't much bigger in disk space, but should give a better viewing experience.

Bheesh's parents came for a week, followed by Tina's sister Tracy who stayed for two weeks. Alex went to his first movie, Spiderman, and slept the whole time. Bheesh's sisters came for a weekend in May.

At two months Alexander is 13.5 pounds and 24 inches long, which puts him in the 90th percentile in both categories. He's doing well, sleeping well at night, with only some fussiness and crying during the days.




Three generations

Sooo cute

"Hi, daddy!"


First full bath

"I think I like it..."


Alex's first movie

This was not posed



Hanging with the aunties

Yeah, punch her!

Two month portrait

The cutest baby

April 4, 2002

A big picture update now that I've had time to go through them.

Tina's mom has been staying with us this past week, which has been a great help to us. Bheesh's parents arrive on Friday 4/5.

We've survived so far, trying to nap when he does. No major incidents, just a couple of hours of inconsolable crying. He's breastfeeding well and pooping, peeing, crying, and sleeping.

In the Operating Room


"I can't breathe!"

"That's better..."

8 lbs 6.9 oz

Alex's first bath

Alex meets Mommy

Alex meets Grandma

Alex meets Grandpa

Going home!

Poocha meets Alex

Grandpa with baby

First bath at home

Easter baby

Napping with Daddy

What color are your eyes?

Playing with the girls

Mommy's little boy

Daddy soothes him


March 27, 2002

He's here! He's here!

He was born at 4:16am today weighing in at 8 lbs 6.9 oz and measuring 21.25 inches in length. Tina is recovering at South Austin Hospital. We're not ready for visitors yet, but we'll let you know soon!

New Addition!

What a handsome fellow!

Tina's Progress

This is a chart of Tina's weight and waist size. We'll be updating this regularly.

Notice the consistent upward trend... :)

Baby Room

Here's a couple of "before" pictures of the boring empty room:

Nice view... not!

Poocha likes it

For the current state of the room, check out the Latest News.

Old News

March 23, 2002 (Week 40)

Well, the baby's due date was today, and wouldn't you know it, he's late. Little guy knows he's got it good right now and isn't eager to leave his cozy little shelter. Mom's ready for him to get out, though.

The doctor assured us that most first babies are born in the week after the official due date. As you can see from the picture below, Tina's quite ready to have him out. There's not much room left!

We've decided on a name: Alexander Krishna Redheendran.

No more room!

We're ready for you!

February 3, 2002 (Week 33)

Here's the baby room, complete with crib, dresser, La-Z-Boy recliner, two quilts, and custom light switch-plate.

The crib and quilt

La-Z-Mom and quilt


Monkey switchplate

Monkey Quilt

Diddle Quilt


December 29, 2001

Check out the 6 months belly picture.

Well, we've finished painting the baby's room. Here's a little pictorial history of the progress we made.

Tina taped off the room

Bheesh painted

Halfway done

Another view


Nice border, huh?

December 16, 2001

A quick note to update the chart. Tina's been very tired lately. We're hoping it's just anemia, because at least you can do something about that... We'll do a more substantial update after the holidays.

November 6, 2001

Here are some video excerpts from the Ultrasound. You'll need Windows Media Player 7 in order to play it. If this is a problem, email us and we'll try to get some other formats up.

Medium Quality(395 KB about 2 min at 28.8 Kbps)

High Quality(1.13 MB about 6 min at 28.8 Kbps)

November 5, 2001


We just got back from the Ultrasound. Here are some of the pictures:




We'll try to get a video of the ultrasound up by this weekend.

October 28, 2001

Since the last update, we've heard the baby's heartbeat. It was a relief to hear that fast little heartbeat, since we've had no luck with the store-bought baby heartbeat detector.

Tina has started to feel better, having entered her second trimester. We'll be having the ultrasound on November 5th, and then we can tell you whether it's a fem (girl) or a mel (boy)!

Tina's starting to not fit into her clothes because of her increasing belly.

October 1, 2001

The baby is coming! The baby is coming!

The baby was conceived while we were on our Alaska Cruise and is due on March 25, 2002. Tina is in her 14th week and starting to show. She's grumpy, uncomfortable, and tired, but that's no different than how she normally is...

We'll be using this page to keep distant friends and family updated on our progress, so be sure to check back frequently for the latest news.